Do You Have Time in Your Life to Do

 What Makes Your Heart Happy?

Can you Make Time to Show up for Yourself?

Do you wish you could have time for yourself but don’t know how to get it?

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed and just wish your mind would give you a break?

Inside you secretly dream of having a space in your life where there is nothing else you have to organize or micro manage for others.

A space to take a breath, slow down, check in with what support you need and what things you would love to do for yourself.

Yes…That’s right…a MeTime space to create things for YOU…

A  chance to enjoy good things that happen in your life. And that includes Creative Ideas that come to you briefly while you are tackling the other 101 things you have to do every day. Sometimes you get so busy you don’t even get time to remember them.

 But remembering them is really important.

These creative ideas are the key to your future.

They can be your passport out of the prison that the demands of your life situation have locked you into. These Inner Inspirations are silent whispers from your heart as it patiently continues to offer creative templates to your mind.

They are gentle nudges for your mind to create something new in your life – a creative oasis of happiness that can nurture and support you. Resources you can set up to support YOURSELF so you can continue to support the people you care for without becoming tired, exhausted and burnt out.

Would you like to be able to handle your busy life and still have a sense of inner motivation and happiness instead of feeling constantly frustrated, tired and overwhelmed? If so…

Hold on to your dreams! It is possible

to create space and time to nurture yourself.

I’m Mary Choo and I’m committed to helping you do just that. If you’re curious to know more visit my How It Works page, or contact me to schedule a Free 30 Minute Discovery Session and Demo of how kinesiology and energy healing can create healing transformation and change in your life by working with your body’s own inner wisdom and guidance. 

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