Work with Me

Work with Me- an In depth personal support Program

This is my special offer of one-on-one counseling and healing sessions.. I use kinesiology and the new healing modality Now Healing to energetically disentangle and clear feelings and beliefs that hold you back from moving forward in your relationships and your life . Enjoy Six one-hour sessions, either twice monthly for three months or once a month for six months. I have a few spaces available if you want to work one-on-one with me to focus on clearing any limiting beliefs or blind spots that are blocking you from creating the changes you dream of having in any area of your life.

You can sign up for a discounted three session package for $270. This is a 25% discount of $90 per session instead of the normal price of $120 for a single session (a saving of $90 over three sessions).

Alternatively you can book an individual session of 60 minutes for $120, 45 minutes for $90, or 30 minutes for $60.

These sessions can be in person, by phone or online by Skype. Contact me to discuss and get more information about this.