Social Media – Could it be the Diamond in my Pocket?


For a late arrival to the internet and social media scene like myself the Book Marketing Challenge has felt like both a terrifying challenge and an exciting opportunity. It brought my attention to a lot of things I had not even considered before. It definitely opened up a new way to operate in the world. I realized the Social media and communicating through the internet offered me new ways to share ideas, celebrate successes and offer support to people going through challenges.

The only trouble was it made me feel so vulnerable. Everything happens so quickly and people I hardly know can read what I think and feel. It felt like they arrived in my living room via email before I had had time to greet them at the front door. No time to get, to know them, check each other out and decide if we liked each other before our connection was visible for everyone to see. Yet something inside me told me I needed to pay attention to this. It was what I needed. I needed a website and social media interaction if I was to reach more readers with my book “Self Care for Busy Mothers.”

But there was still a part of me that wasn’t sure so I contacted Tad Hargraves who is a goldmine of innovative ideas and advice on email marketing and whose Niching for Hippies course was what really got me started last year when I first decided I wanted to promote my book online.

“Do I really need to get Social Media savvy Tad ?” I asked.  “Yup !”  the answer can back .

Not what I secretly wanted to hear but I had to recognize he was right. I came away from that conversation with a to do list of ideas and strategies that I could never have seen on my own.

So I decided to bite the bullet and went out and bought a copy of “Facebook and Twitter for seniors for Dummies”. As I started to read it dawned on me that this could be the diamond in my pocket , that invisible opportunity that I already had available to me  and which I had been overlooking all this time.

It’s amazing how as you begin to focus your thoughts on something it starts to turn up in your inbox. That’s how it was with The Book Marketing Challenge and I am so grateful it found me.  What I have found most helpful is the way that D’vorah has given us the bigger picture of all that is involved in marketing a book on line .This has really helped me link the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle together and given me a valuable collection of coaches and resources I can reach out to as I move through this process myself.



    • Hi Linda thanks for your feedback . Yes i think a mobile phone friendly website is the way to go. One of my daughters is a busy mum who posts on Facebook all the time so i think I might need to sign up for one or two classes with her. I had a look at your website and really liked the self care videos you offer as resources (I am a Kinesiologist myself ).
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  1. Hi Mary, talk about feeling vulnerable…I totally get what you mean. When I started on social media and blogging, I felt exposed. While I still feel like I’m holding back, it’s something you have to get used to if you’re a writer. Here’s wishing you great marketing and social karma for your book.

    • Hi Fong Hsiung. Thats for your feedback . It’s good to know other people have similar feelings when they start of in the Social Media world. I visited your site and liked your blog about making small adjustments. Thats exactly how I feel. I find i need to take what I call baby steps – one small change at a time and that way i can avoid getting into overwhelm. Good luck with your stories. Maybe we can stay in touch via facebook or one of the other social media sites.
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  2. Mary, I completely agree with you – it is a diamond in the pocket. your book sounds fascinating and the concept looks easy to develop and explore for related products. Good luck with your marketing!

    • Thanks Lliz for your feedback. Yes I feel i need to learn to be a bit of a social butterfly to be able to navigate the social media scene . At the moment I’m still at the caterpillar stage and have just managed to stop myself spinning myself into a cocoon! Next step getting ready and beginning to emerge. Good to know the world outside is friendly which is what this course has been teaching me . Your article sounds interesting .Am going to have a look at it .
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    • Thanks for you feedback. I liked your website . And yes I feel like that too sometimes . I am getting to an age where most people used to retire but my life seems to be becoming busier and its filling up with new ideas and projects I am having . The Book Marketing Challage has been great for me . The way it was organized meant i had to stay focused on what was happening each day and as a result of that i have finally mastered how to post blog posts and moderate and reply to comments ….At Last thank goodness!
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  3. Mary, bravo to you for having the courage to put the pieces of the book marketing puzzle together, to create a big picture view of possibilities. I’m so happy for you and am celebrating your success!

    • Thank you D’vorah for giving us this opportunity and for being so generous in sharing all this information which is going to save me light years in finding what I need now that i have these pieces of the internet book marketing puzzle in place.Also the way it was set up so that we can access the information any time day or night was great too. I am based in West Australia so for me most classes in the US air in the middle of the night! Even now it feels like the challenge is still going on as we have all the blop hop posts of other peoples experiences to learn from. This is great and is helping me find people with similar interests i can link to . Can you let us know how long the blog hop posts and your original daily lessons will be available for. I really want to be able to look through all of them. Thanks again D’vorah for a wonderful month of learning and new opportunities . I will definitely watch out for your upcoming classes.
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  4. Mary, I think those of us who fall into the category of slightly older authors have a little tougher time with social media, but it is doable. Delighted you have enjoyed the journey and have gathered new inspiration and direction. I look forward to sharing the road with you as we both try to inspire and help young parents.
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    • Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I am also focusing on helping Busy mothers (I have two daughters who are working and managing a family with young children) and as a result of that I would also describe myself as a busy grandmother ! I had a quick look at your website and it looks very interesting. I will go back and read some more .Best wishes for your success
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  5. Mary, you are so right on about Facebook. I’m an older author too, and the real advantage of that is our amazing life experience and the wisdom we can offer the world. I wish you all the best with your marketing and your books.

  6. Hello Mary, Ah yes, now that you have decided to be involved with Social Media marketing then your life has accelerated into fast forward times 1000. If I may, it may become a bit overwhelming. This is OK. The best strategies you can use are to develop the skills of prioritizing, deleting, and recognizing the good stuff. You will do very well.

    Feel free to sign up for my newsletter. There link in on the homepage of my website and you will receive a free report about realized wealth and well-being.

    Have a great day.

  7. Mary, I think the thing I find difficult with Social Media is that as fast as you conquer something, you find there’s a whole new world waiting ahead! It just keeps evolving. Ahh well. I’m sure this is keeping us young. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Just goes to show none of us are old dogs!
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    • Thanks for your feedbackand response to my blog. I also enjoyed reading your blog and can really relate to what you said about the challenge showed you how much you still have to learn.I feel exactly the same and that feels great . It gives me a reality check on what I need to do plus at the same time the resources and links to start doing it. I feel so grateful to D’vorah for setting it all up and and also keeping the blop hop on line so we can continue to read and give each other feedback
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  8. Hi Mary!

    Great to meet you here! You can see by my grey hair ( Baby Boomer blonde ) that I’m in your age group. I can totally relate to your comment about feeling vulnerable being online! I was completely freaked out just before my website and Facebook pages went live. I felt like I was out in cyberspace running around with no clothes on and screaming “look at me, look at me!” As it turns out, I’ve been largely invisible as I had little knowledge of online marketing. Thank goodness D’vorah appeared on the scene. Now I have a plan. ( Just so you know, I have had a few annoying people contact me via Facebook. You can block their messages online. )

    I’ve had a look around your website. We share a similar philosophy. My book, Work On Your Own Terms in midlife & beyond, is focused on career transition. I place great emphasis on our Beliefs and Quantum Physics and how we can make use of our brain’s plasticity to overcome the fears that prevent us from living our dreams.

    I’ve had help with my website and will pass on a tip that I think might be helpful to you. Go into your Blog postings and use the Edit button to add spaces in between your paragraphs. It makes it much easier to read. Save the changes before they go live again. Hope this helps!

    Let’s keep in touch!

  9. Seems to me like you made great progress already in social networking with all these comments and this wonderful post! Glad you took part and learned so much so quickly.

    Thanks for reading,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Arm Farm, Brain Tale and Blood Day

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