How It Works

How it works

If you keep on doing what you have always done
                       you will keep on getting what you have always got.

This is a popular quote on the internet these days. And with good reason. We are going through a period of unprecedented change. We need to be able to adjust to what is happening. And that means we need a change of plan.

Approach it from a different angle. What if the answer wasn’t outside you?  What if you have inner resources you have never had time to tap into?

That’s what this website and the courses I have been developing  “Self-Care for Busy Mothers” and “Self-care for busy People” are about. In them I show how energy therapies and mindfulness meditation can work with your inner resources to create inner changes that gently filter through into your outer world.

After all let’s face it. What you’ve tried is not working.

If you are a mum being a Supermum can just make you feel even more exhausted.

Automating your home – more gadgets to break down and have to repair.

Organizing the children by a system of rewards – this can easily turn into a system of bribery and manipulation and it doesn’t take long for the kids to learn how to do that too!

Why these standard solutions don’t work: they can make you feel even more disempowered and helpless.

Being a Supermum can leave you feeling even more overwhelmed and exhausted.

And if you are a busy professional you are probably using multi-tasking to juggle work, study, career and family responsibilities. That can work for a time but used continuously it can create more stress and exhaustion as your body becomes wired and unable to relax even when you are not working and you run the risk of burn out if you continue along that path.

Ready to try a different approach ?

One that focuses on inner support and nurturing for you rather than putting yourself under even more strain as you spend even more of your energy trying to keep everyone around you happy.

Remembering to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you do that for others.

My solution focuses on three key elements that connect with and draw on your heart’s Inner Answers.

1. Kinesiology to identify and clear negative beliefs that have been stopping you from recognizing that your needs are important and you deserve to take time to care for yourself as well as the other people you support and care for.

2. Mindfulness practices to bring your energy back to your centre so you can be present in the moment and hear the sort of nurturing your body is longing for. Being present also allows you to hear your heart and  take action to create a healing space for you.

3. Having fun and experiencing a sense of inner happiness in your heart as you begin to nurture yourself and make time to remember your dreams and what makes your heart sing. Doing things that make you feel happy inside and let your heart sing releases feelings of self-love and gratitude and the ability to appreciate the good things in life. It is a powerful healer not just for you but for the people around you as well.

It makes it easier for you to “keep on keeping on” when you have an inner sense of hope and happiness that doing this creates.

Can using Kinesiology and mindfulness really change how I am feeling inside?
Yes they can. They change and heal areas of blocked energy in our body’s energy field that are holding negative self-sabotaging beliefs in place.

And the mindfulness – Where do I have time to meditate?
Well here’s the thing. I teach you short 3 min waking mindfulness practices you can do while you are walking to work or doing the dishes. No need to spend days in a solitary cave these days. You can make a start right here, just where you are now.

Feel like giving it a go?
Take the first step today. Sign up here for my Free 30 Minute Discovery Session and Demo of how kinesiology and energy healing can create healing transformation and change in your life by working co-operatively with your body’s own inner wisdom and guidance. 

I’d love to hear from you if any of this resonates with you. My contact info is on this page to send a message, ask a question or book a discovery session.