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Would you like to have time in your busy life to take care of you , to do things you love or even just have the time to plan how to do them !
Fill in the form below to get your  free workbook (PDF download )  “Making Time For Me” How to nurture yourself when everything else in your life is saying you don’t have time .
With it you also get a free MP3 download of a short Mindfulness meditation that you can do anywhere anytime whenever you have 2 or 3 mins to spare and also a free subscription to my monthly email newsletter “Inner Answers” in which I continue to support you keep up with this practice with contains additional tips and exercises from kinesiology and other healing modalities that you can use to help yourself.
The work book is structured with exercises and feed back sheets that you can do and send back to me with any questions you have. You can use it as a mini study course. OR you can just read it and practice using the mindfulness mp3 once or twice a day.
This can be a Great first step to creating other changes that enable you to make some time for yourself in spite of a heavy busy schedule.

The session with Mary helped me understand what was happening to me . The Kinesiology uncovered  and dissolved beliefs and limitations that I never knew I had. Afterwards I felt I was seeing myself and the world with new eyes. Pauline W. Perth West Australia

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend going over in your head about all the things you have to do (but not actually doing them) or how much time you spend regretting that you never have any time for yourself and imagining what you would like to do ( but not taking any action in present time to organize how to do it.)
Your feelings of frustration keep you focused on regret for the past or dreaming of the future but where you need to be is more in the Present Moment which is the only place we can get things done and create change from. This is what the Mindfulness practice is helping you to do.
It is helping you spend less time listening to your mind’s stories about how terrible your life is. Doing it creates small spaces of silence where you can tune in and hear the whisper of your heart. It creates a space for new ideas and new ways of looking at stubborn problems to bubble up into your awareness. Having them is what makes your life fun, fascinating and gives you the feeling you want to be alive.
So why not give this opportunity to yourself – after all it’s free and you can always unsubscribe at any time.
I would love to help you and if you feel like giving it a go fill in the form at the bottom of the page to get your free workbook , mindfulness MP3 and monthly email newsletter and let me help you allow your life to change .

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