Can You Find The Diamond In Your Pocket

Can You Find The Diamond In Your Pocket

(There must be a better way to live my life but I can’t quite put my finger on it.)

Don’t you sometimes feel frustrated and over it with your life ? Do you have days when nothing you do seems to work and it’s not as if you’re not trying . You really do try. You spend time reading personal growth books about the quantum leap we are making in our mass consciousness and how we create our own reality yet in spite of all your efforts it just does not seem to happen for you.

On the other hand maybe you’re not into the personal growth thing. You just feel bored and frustrated every time things don’t work out and the people who say you create your own reality annoy the hell out of you. Either way you are not happy with your current reality and can’t imagine how you could possibly have created it.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well you are not alone .I spent years on a path of attending workshops and reading books to find out how to make my life work better. A lot of them helped a bit but none of their solutions felt they really worked for me – and why should they. Each one of us is unique and you need you’re unique solutions. And trust me you do have them. They are you’re Inner Answers. They are the Diamond in your pocket that you have overlooked for so long .

Eckhart Tolle describes this situation as “we are in a present stage of humanity where people have to travel somewhere to be with themselves”. Inside you have a host of creative resources that you have overlooked together with some subconscious beliefs and blind spots that are preventing you connecting with your dreams and creating a life you love.

heart treasure
Remember wherever your heart is you will find treasure..Paul Coelho
You have all you need inside you. These inner resources are always available. You just have to be willing to believe they exist and know how to find them.

So, how do you find them? Well it’s a lot easier than you think. You don’t have to do hours of analysis with a psychologist or counselling with a counsellor, not any more. Today energy healing modalities such as Kinesiology can be used to identify and clear subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from creating the changes your conscious mind wants to make.
If this all sounds a bit crazy and confusing you can read an article about using kinesiology to clear self sabotaging Core Beliefs in the current issue of my newsletter Inner Answers. Its called The power of energy therapies to change your life. The next issue will have an article which explains in more detail how Kinesiology is used in the new amazing NOWhealing modality that i have recently started to use to help clients clear blocks and blind spots in their lives even more quickly and easily .
If any of this resonates with you I am offering free 30 min”Mining Your Diamond” strategy sessions to answer your questions and demonstrate how kinesiology can help your find and clear beliefs that are blocking you from taking the affirmative action you need to move yourself forward to where you want to go.
To book a free session email me at and let me know what days and times you are available. I can then email back and confirm a time that works for both of us . I’d love to hear your feedback on how you found this post and any suggestions on how it could be improved . Feel free to add a comment. (Thanks – in advance !)


  1. “You have all you need inside you” – I love this. It’s why I make space each day for meditation, a chance to sit with my thoughts and with my heart and let any clarity emerge as needed.

    Without that, I might rush around looking to books or others for answers. These books and others’ opinions can be useful, but I need that quiet time by myself to digest and integrate whatever I’m learning – and find my own truth.

    • Thanks Corrina ,
      When i think about it supporting people to connect and trust their inner resources and answers is the bottom line of what my dream is about.I am hoping that i can use the blog to develop a course to facilitate this and connect with people who
      would be interested in doing it. Doing your course has been amazing. It is enabling me to move out of writing in isolation as a loner .I am discovering how things can develop and grow when i share my thoughts with others ( just a minor fact i have overlooked for the last 40 years ! ) It feels exciting and thanks to your course i now have the tools to go out and do it.

  2. Wow…I so resonate with your blogpost. I feel I have been on a long journey of soul searching for ‘out there’ answers or ways to unlock the ‘in there’… I am intrigued and interested with the idea of using your energy in a therapy to unlock the ‘in there’.

    Kind of get tired trying to think what to do right…..I am curious to find out more…

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Lisa I have just found out how to “moderate” and approve your comment (i think) .I am in the dashboard of my blog and just hope it will publish when i go to the front end. i need to find the video that shows me how to do this on wordpress!!

      I am just adding the rest of my reply that i typed on your blog. Sorry if this was in the wrong place. With your enquiry about the energy clearing i do with Kinesiology I would be very happy to explain more about it. We could do this as a free mining your Diamond session i mentioned in the blog where i could change a belief that you felt was blocking you . Or when my email newsletter comes out in two weeks time i will have an article in about using kinesiology to clear negative sabotaging beliefs and i can email you a copy. Sorry to post this as a blog but do not have an email address for you . Look forward to hearing from you . Mary Choo

  3. Hello Mary – yes a lovely post. I think it is so easy for us all nowadays to miss our “inner diamonds”. The internet is an amazing tool containing so much information about anything you can think of but it leads us to feel even more than the answers are “out there” somewhere, if only I could find them. But of course they are not, they are within us. And I am always amazed that if I just sit quietly and stop rushing around and trying so hard, there they are! I shall look forward to signing up to your newsletter when it comes out. Which reminds me, I had better go and do mine… 🙂

  4. Hello Mary,
    Thank you very much for this.
    So, are you saying that it is possible to do kinesiology without being together in the same physical location? Can you do this on the telephone or on Skype? (Or have a got confused?) Is this what your free 30min session is?
    Rosalind 🙂

    • Hi Rosalind . Sorry about this late reply.
      Yes my free “Mining Your Diamond ” half hour discovery sessions are something i do to answer your questions about how using Kinesiology at a distance works.I work by phone or on Skype . My Skype address is marychoo9 I can also show you how you can begin to muscle test yourself and together we can identify and clear the energy of a belief that is blocking you from moving forward towards your goal. All this of course is subject to what you want to work on . If you would like to book a time email me at . I am in Perth West Australia 7 hours ahead of UK summer time. Let me know the times you are available .Good times for me are 7am to 2pm and 10pm to 11pm UK time .
      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes

  5. Hi Mary

    Love this post, Mary, and especially the notion that we have all our own answers inside of us.

    I am fascinated to know how you use kinesiology to clear limiting beliefs and core issues that are in our ‘blind spots’.

    I use Meridian Tapping and the energy of what we’re feeling in this moment to do pretty much the same work.

    I’d love to offer you a half-hour Discovery Session in exchange for a ‘Mining Your Diamond’ strategy session, if this would interest you?

    • Hi Linda.
      Yes that would be interesting to swap a session . I would be interested to learn more about Tapping .
      Let me know the time you are available .My Skype address is marychoo9 and my email is
      Good times for me are 7am to 2pm and 10pm to 11pm UK time . (I am 7 hours ahead of UK summer time .)
      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes

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