Are You Ready to Write Yourself a Better Story

Do you ever find yourself asking

Why does this always happen to me?”

Why is it when I try to change things it doesn’t work?.”

Do any of those thoughts ever come into your mind ? – and if they do what’s your response?

How we respond to our thoughts can become a portal of opportunity that opens up when we remember to ask the question Why?


Ask yourself  Why?

Take a moment to be curious and ask yourself – Is there another way I can deal with this?

This question can be the first step to setting yourself free from what feels like a blocked frustrating situation . It allows you to open a door in your mind and explore the different options and possible outcomes that  are stored  there.

So if you find yourself repeating these phrases  to yourselfgive yourself a break and check out if there are any stories that your mind has created  that are holding the stuck situation in place.

Your mind loves to create stories about the things that happen in your life. And usually beneath the story there is a underlying unspoken belief holding it in place. It’s easy enough to see the story your mind is creating as it’s an expert in drama and special effects. But the unconscious belief underneath it that is holding it all in place is usually more difficult to see .

It’s a bit like fishing really.

It’s difficult to see the fish you want to catch when it is submerged under water hidden from view. Your mind can often be  creating stories based on beliefs that no longer serve you and may not even be yours ! ( it has been estimated as much as  50% of our beliefs  can  be genetic inherited ones carried down through your DNA).

Ready to try a New Solution ?

Write yourself a better story

Write yourself a new story

I’m not saying your mind isn’t trying to help but when it is driven by fear and the bodies fight and flight mechanism it constantly catastrophises and creates a  stream of back-up plans that can  literally take over your life. They can make things more complicated and  even cause things and situations you don’t want in your life to keep recurring. And  when you  can’t “see” the beliefs that are causing all this you end up feeling very immobilized and  frustrated .

So if you are feeling your would like to write yourself a better story let me offer you some help to uncover and change these invisible beliefs that have been frustrating and limiting you for years?

Time to use  Kinesiology  and Have A Chat with Your Body

Kinesiology or muscle-testing as it is also called is something  I have been using for over 25 years now to help people identify and defuse self-defeating beliefs and blind spots that are preventing them moving forward in their lives.   Kinesiology is a very respectful non-invasive form of bodywork that uses a muscle response to access the body’s cellular memory and intuitive heart wisdom to identify the negative belief  that is keeping you stuck in a situation. Once the belief is identified Kinesiology is used again to test and clear the energy blocks in the body’s energy field and acupuncture meridians that have been energetically holding the limiting belief in place.

Don’t believe me ?  Would you like to try it for free?

For the next three weeks until the end of November I am inviting you to

Contact me for a  FREE 30min online Skype or phone Clarity Session

In the session I  work with you to identify and dissolve the  hidden belief that is frustrating and immobilizing you around a current situation in your life. Email me here  or text/call my mobile  +61433489875 to arrange a session and let me  help you made that inner connection to your bodies inner guidance and healing power  that you have been looking for.

I am offering you the opportunity to discover how to utilize your own inner resources and begin to build a sense of inner strength and resilience that does not depend on outer circumstances but on a connection to your bodies own heart  wisdom and it’s intuitive ability to know what is right for you . This is an inner resource that we all have inside us. It is always available for us to call on any time……………  as long as we remember it is there !

So why not take this opportunity to spend 20 mins with me and together let me use kinesiology to identify and clear any  limiting belief that has been frustrating you and keeping stuck in a mental loop of focusing on what you can’t do.

So to Come Back to the WHY ?

WHY ? should you do this? Why should you create a new habit and watch it help you break out of the mental feedback loop  your mind has got stuck into. Free yourself up so you can move away from seeing the glass as always being half empty . Open Up to seeing it begin to fill with new ways of seeing things that makes life so much more interesting and  be open to life beginning to feel a bit easier . Less struggle and more flow .You might even find yourself forgetting to take your anti-depressants some days ! ­

But seriously I’d love to hear your comments and experiences around all this. So hit reply and leave a comment before you leave. And I look forward to catching up with you again in a few weeks


Is it Time to Turn On your Inner GPS and get focused on where you want to go?

man with GPS

“Time-Poor” and Looking for a Solution ?

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to manage , take care of and trouble shoot in your life ? Do you get the feeling that you are becoming more and more Time Poor as ”stuff” builds up and you feel you are struggling  to handle too many obligations and commitments in all areas of your life?

You wish you had some sort of instant GPS you could turn on and let it help you navigate all this “stuff” easily and efficiently. Something that would give you the security of feeling that someone’s got you back and there is help available to help you navigate the challenges that life throws at you. You find yourself longing for this sort of outer support but in today’s busy world it’s not easy to find. We are all so busy, people just don’t have time to stop and listen to your problems much less have time to help you out.

But Could You Be Looking in the Wrong Place?

It can feel like an impossible task to find the help you need but what if you were looking for help in the wrong place?
What if you already had an inner GPS that can give you the inner guidance you need to be able to handle these challenges without ending up in exhaustion and burn out? And the only problem is – you haven’t turned it on yet !

Or you may have turned it on but find it difficult to hear it guidance above the level of external “noise” in the world around you that drowns its inner voice. That includes all the needy demands and dramas of the people in your life. Not to mention the ­­­­host of addictive external distractions that the electronic cyberspace of the internet creates and that constantly calls to you from your HD TV and mobile phone wherever you are.

These pressures are not just external. The pressures you are living under keep your body in a constant state of adrenal alert that creates a state of ongoing anxiety and panic as your mind struggles to deal with the situation. It creates a state of “ Inner Noise” that constant Mind-Chatter as  your mind works frantically to trouble shoot and create management plans to cover all possible problems or glitches  that might arise. This constant “ Inner Noise”  makes it difficult to hear the guidance of this inner GPS or for you to have time to stop , take stock and look at how you could deal with your situation differently. But that is exactly what you need to do.

Time For A Software Upgrade ?

Approaching the problem from a different angle with a different mindset is often the  solution to getting a better outcome. To use a phrase that is popular at the moment on the internet is

If you go on doing what you have always done

You will go on getting what you have always got.

This truth is  intensified by the massive shifts and changes that are happening all over the world. The old system and structure of society just doesn’t work anymore.


Our Inner World Creates Our Outer World

We need to start making our own inner shifts that can allow us to see and do things differently, so that we can successfully to navigate these changes and be able to contribute and be part of creating a better world. And to do this as the quotation above indicates, your mind needs a different Software operating system. An operating system that allows you to reduce your bodies internal levels of adrenal stress hormones by reducing your mind chatter and the anxiety it creates. It is this reduction in anxiety that allows you to stand back and see situations and problems in a different light.­­­­­


Get Authentic Inner Guidance from the Wisdom of Your Body and Your Heart

You need a system that allows you to deal with problems from a different angle, from an inner heart-centered space. One that gives you a sense of inner certainty and support without the  feelings of anxiety and overwhelm that running on adrenaline and multi-tasking 24/7 creates.­­­ One system that I find works well is Mindfulness. It is something that you can learn to do for yourself one step at a time. Even in the middle if your busy life.

If you’re curious to know more about how Mindfulness works continue reading here on my blog

And if any of this is resonating with you check out my next months Inner Answers Newsletter and discover why Mindfulness is a such a powerful tool that more and more people are using to help them navigate today’s crazy world with less stress, more inner peace and a sense of  inner heart resilience .


Now Over To You

I’d love to hear how you find all this . Hit Reply  below and share a comment on what areas of your life make you feel Time Poor and the things you love but never have enough time to do for yourself

Exhausted by Multitasking? Try Mindfulness Instead


Is Your Life a Constant Struggle to Get everything Done?

Mine often feels like that. It’s not that you don’t make an effort.

  • You prioritize tasks with “To-Do” lists (which often seen to just keep getting longer)
  • You multi-task whenever you can and where does that leave you at the end of the day.
  • Often feeling tired and frazzled, but unable to relax because of all the extra stress chemicals running in your system.

The problem with Multi-Tasking

  • It sends your mind into overdrive, and that triggers your body to generate extra stress chemicals to get you running at a zillion miles an hour to get everything done. Sure, it makes you feel energized but only for a while.
  • Your mind is trying to help but it’s working with some pretty outdated software, the bodies fight and flight mechanism. An adrenal rapid response system that evolved in our caveman days, designed to deal with short term threats from predators that either ended with being killed and eaten, or managing to escape. Either way the threat did not last long or once it was over the body recognized it was safe to relax and have some R and R.

Well! that’s Hardly the Situation Today.

  • Today we all live in an “invisible soup” of electromagnetic energies that we are not consciously aware of but which constantly trigger and activate our bodies alarm system at a subliminal level.
  • They create a constant state of hypervigilance and adrenal alert in the body and deny the body the natural cycle of relaxation and regeneration  it needs after its alarm system has been triggered.

Add Your TimePoor Life Situation

  • Who isn’t TimePoor these days?
  • Do you find yourself multi-tasking more and more .You can find yourself doing it  do it just to generate a basic income to support yourself /family, and pay the mortgage/rent.
  • Faced with this sort of challenge Multi-tasking can sound like a good idea but the extra stress chemicals it generates as you try to focus on several different tasks at once can send your body/mind into a state of overwhelm and anxiety as you worry whether you can meet all those deadlines.
  • At the end of the day you end up feeling tired and frazzled. You’re exhausted but unable to sleep because of the extra adrenaline still running in your system.
  • Over time all this can take its toll and if you don’t recognize what is happening you can risk overwhelm and exhaustion and ultimately burn out.

So what about a Change of Plan

What if SLOWing down and FOCUSING on ONE action at a time could get things done faster and did not leave you feeling wired and exhausted at the end of the day ?………It’s called Mindfulness and it’s ……………..

When on earth do I have time to do mindfulness . I hardly have time to brush my hair in the morning much less slow down and meditate “

OK……I can hear you……. but what if I showed you a form of mindfulness you can do with your eyes open while your’re tidying the house or washing the dishes ?

 “And how is that different from Multitasking?” …..

It’s very different and a lot easier to do. When you do it you focus on being fully present and focused on the actions of the task that you are doing . You can do it any time you are doing an automatic task that you can do on auto pilot.

You can do it when you are washing up……tidying the kids toys ……… organising your filing at work…………….driving…………

Time to Give Your Mind a Break.

  • Each time you focus on becoming fully present and mindful of what you are doing , you are doing just that…..
  • You’re giving you mind a break.
  • When you focus fully in this way there is nothing for your mind to think about neither regrets and criticisms about what you did in the past or worries or anxieties about what you have to do in the future .
  • It gives you time to focus on what you are doing in the moment without your mind feeling it needs to catastrophise and the create back up plans B C D and E to cover every problem or hiccup that could possibly arise .

It takes a bit of practice at the beginning but once they try it people start to feel calmer and more centered. Things often get finished faster as you don’t have the distraction of your mind mentally obsessing about what you have to do next.

  • Your mind does not like take a break but sometimes that’s just what it needs.
  • And taking a break is what your body needs even more than your mind .
  • Doing this can be a life saver for your stress levels
  • it gives your body a chance to reset itself and stop churning out stress chemicals that lock you into a state of feeling tense and wired all the time .

Mindfulness is a Valuable Resource

  • It is increasingly becoming recognized as a simple easy healing practice you can use to save your sanity in today’s high pressured busy world.
  • You can call on it whenever you want improved focus and clarity to get stuff done and at the same time doing it gives your body the bonus of a much needed break.
  • Your body will love you for it and be more ready and able to quickly support you the next time you need a quite shot of adrenaline for yet another rapid response task that has added itself to your to do list.

Over to You

I’d love to hear your comments and any additional advice or resources you have found work for you and I’m sure others would too. So click below to leave a reply and join the conversation.

Mindfulness: A Gentle way to Recover from Overwhelm, Regain your Focus and Achieve your Goals

shutterstock_166687130Mindfulness – can it really help you Recover from Overwhelm and Regain Your Focus?
So you’re feeling overwhelmed and constantly anxious every time you think about all the things you have to do and the lack of time you have to do them in. You’re not alone- most of us are TimePoor these days and that includes me. Whether it’s caused by workload, family commitments, financial pressures or just the presence of the electro-magnetic soup of artificial  energies that we all live in , it’s easy to feel trapped in a space of overwhelm and constant anxiety as our bodies struggle to maintain a sense of inner focus and calm.

The Truth About Multi Tasking When You’re Tired

It’s so frustrating . The more you try to multi-task when you are tired the more overwhelmed you feel. Your mind is constantly in over drive either thinking of solutions or when the anxiety sets in imagining all the worst case scenarios that could happen if you don’t get your act together and get things done .

Your mind can be brilliant at researching and discovering new solutions but when it does it from a place of overwhelm and anxiety it doesn’t work.

And you know why?

It does not work because you’re looking in the wrong place.

Your Body needs Mindfulness not Multi tasking

Your poor exhausted body does not need any more external solutions it needs a sense of inner safety and security and that comes from your heart. Mindfulness is a process that can bring you back to your centre, ground you in your body and reconnects you to your hearts intuitive guidance which can see the bigger picture of what is going on in your life .After all isn’t that what we’re all looking for? A sense of inner connection in our life that gives us a feeling of inner happiness .

So What’s So Special About Mindfulness?

Mindfulness , an ancient  practice of focusing your attention on your breathing that can do just that . It brings you attention back to the present moment by activating the bodies parasympathetic nervous system that soothes and calms down  the bodies adrenalin driven fight and flight response that your anxious mind has been activating . And when that begins to happen your focus and concentration improve and you find it easier to get things done . In fact my client Katie who was studying to  finish  her Advanced teaching diploma while at the same time working five days a week holding down two jobs   was  surprised at how quickly her feelings of overwhelm and obsessive mind chatter and anxiety reduced every time after she listened to the mindfulness audio I sent her .

Over To You

Well that’s my take on this overwhelm issue which until recently I have been struggling with quite a bit myself (See my previous blog at )

Does this also affect you and if so what solutions have you found helpful? I’d love to hear your comments and experiences and I’m sure others would too. So click comments below to  leave a comment below and join the conversation

If you resonate with any of this and are curious to know more email me here and book a FREE 30 minute one-on-one Discovery Sessions on Skype or by phone to find out more about what i do and how I can help you with Kinesiology and Mindfulness to move yourself out of overwhelm and focus yourself again to move forward towards your goals.
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Are You “Taking in the Good in Your Life” or Hiding It So No One Can Steal It?

Do you ever have ideas of things of what you could do to feel happier and more at peace with your life and you write them down and then forget about them. This is something that happens to me all the time. I have a special notebook where I write them down and then completely forget about them. I won’t remember them unless I open the notebook and read them again. And of course I forget to do that too.

If I am honest with myself I get a sense of satisfaction and security from having the written down and hidden safely away. They are like diamonds in my pocket hidden where no one can find them, including myself because I can’t remember that I have written them!

So most of the time I would write down my creative ideas down but fail to go back to reread them and begin to make them happen in my life. It used to frustrate the hell out of me. They felt so alive and attractive when they come into my head I just could not understand how I could forget them so easily.

Until recently that is, when I read Rick Hanson’s new book Hardwiring Happiness. (See the book review  in last month’s Inner Answers Newsletter)

In it he describes how our brains are hardwired to spend more time focusing on remembering negative dangerous experiences (like how to avoid being caught and eaten by predators in our caveman days ) than focusing on remembering positive experiences that bring us feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Recent research has shown that it takes the brain less than a second to encode and remember negative fearful experiences but up to 15 seconds! to remember and encode positive experiences of wellbeing and happiness!

Rick has developed a process of dealing with this and programming your mind to stay focused on the pleasant feelings you have when good things happen to give them time to encode in your memory. He calls this “Taking in the Good” and describes how to do it in his book Hardwiring Happiness.

All this was a real eye opener for me and I realized if I wanted to remember my early morning creative inspirations I needed to train my brain to feel safe to remember and encode them. So of course the kinesiologist in me got down to talking to the body to find out what inner negative conditioning I need to disentangle  to allow me to remember my early morning creative inspirations and begin to take action to create  and make them real in my life.

It’s a work in progress but stay tuned for my next blog and I’ll let you know how it is all going.


Multi-Tasking, Does it Send You Into Overwhelm?

Does Multo-Tasking Overwhelm You?Well here I am again with another blog – very late and definitely not on schedule but better late than never.

. I’ve spent the last year or so writing copy and learning how to setup a WordPress website. It’s taking time, mainly because l find multi-tasking stressful (you would not believe how many things you have to take care of to set up a website). In fact it’s exhausting and sends me into overwhelm. Mind you the exhaustion might be partly due to the fact that when you live in Australia most of the online courses and classes you want to attend are at 2 or 3 am in the morning !

My mind doesn’t help either . It constantly gets excited with all the shiny new things I can explore and try out on the internet and I constantly hop from one thing to another and end up getting nothing done. I seem to need to reach a point of frustration and the feeling that I have hit the wall exhausted before I get the message from my body that I need to stop and give myself a reality check. And as soon as I did that – guess what arrived in my inbox – an article about understanding our heart’s intelligence – it stopped me in my tracks and made me remember – I’m doing it again . I’m not listening to my heart. I’m getting carried away again by my minds ambitious plans and frantic energy. So I sat down and did a bit of muscle testing on myself to find out what I really need to do to deal with this exhausting situation I had created. And what did my body say I needed – nothing complicated really, just make time to check in with what my heart feels I really need. Practice some Mindfulness and Present moment Awareness to help me slow down enough to make a time to do Remembrance. Give my mind a break from it’s frantic activity of planning organizing and micro-managing. Let it have a “Being” break – nothing to do except just “Be”. Give my heart the space to do Remembrance and call to connect with the Oneness. A chance to remember I am part of a greater evolutionary flow that I can trust and embrace at any time. And you know what, that feels so good . All I have to do now is get my mind to come to the party !!

Social Media – Could it be the Diamond in my Pocket?


For a late arrival to the internet and social media scene like myself the Book Marketing Challenge has felt like both a terrifying challenge and an exciting opportunity. It brought my attention to a lot of things I had not even considered before. It definitely opened up a new way to operate in the world. I realized the Social media and communicating through the internet offered me new ways to share ideas, celebrate successes and offer support to people going through challenges.

The only trouble was it made me feel so vulnerable. Everything happens so quickly and people I hardly know can read what I think and feel. It felt like they arrived in my living room via email before I had had time to greet them at the front door. No time to get, to know them, check each other out and decide if we liked each other before our connection was visible for everyone to see. Yet something inside me told me I needed to pay attention to this. It was what I needed. I needed a website and social media interaction if I was to reach more readers with my book “Self Care for Busy Mothers.”

But there was still a part of me that wasn’t sure so I contacted Tad Hargraves who is a goldmine of innovative ideas and advice on email marketing and whose Niching for Hippies course was what really got me started last year when I first decided I wanted to promote my book online.

“Do I really need to get Social Media savvy Tad ?” I asked.  “Yup !”  the answer can back .

Not what I secretly wanted to hear but I had to recognize he was right. I came away from that conversation with a to do list of ideas and strategies that I could never have seen on my own.

So I decided to bite the bullet and went out and bought a copy of “Facebook and Twitter for seniors for Dummies”. As I started to read it dawned on me that this could be the diamond in my pocket , that invisible opportunity that I already had available to me  and which I had been overlooking all this time.

It’s amazing how as you begin to focus your thoughts on something it starts to turn up in your inbox. That’s how it was with The Book Marketing Challenge and I am so grateful it found me.  What I have found most helpful is the way that D’vorah has given us the bigger picture of all that is involved in marketing a book on line .This has really helped me link the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle together and given me a valuable collection of coaches and resources I can reach out to as I move through this process myself.


Can You Find The Diamond In Your Pocket

Can You Find The Diamond In Your Pocket

(There must be a better way to live my life but I can’t quite put my finger on it.)

Don’t you sometimes feel frustrated and over it with your life ? Do you have days when nothing you do seems to work and it’s not as if you’re not trying . You really do try. You spend time reading personal growth books about the quantum leap we are making in our mass consciousness and how we create our own reality yet in spite of all your efforts it just does not seem to happen for you.

On the other hand maybe you’re not into the personal growth thing. You just feel bored and frustrated every time things don’t work out and the people who say you create your own reality annoy the hell out of you. Either way you are not happy with your current reality and can’t imagine how you could possibly have created it.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well you are not alone .I spent years on a path of attending workshops and reading books to find out how to make my life work better. A lot of them helped a bit but none of their solutions felt they really worked for me – and why should they. Each one of us is unique and you need you’re unique solutions. And trust me you do have them. They are you’re Inner Answers. They are the Diamond in your pocket that you have overlooked for so long .

Eckhart Tolle describes this situation as “we are in a present stage of humanity where people have to travel somewhere to be with themselves”. Inside you have a host of creative resources that you have overlooked together with some subconscious beliefs and blind spots that are preventing you connecting with your dreams and creating a life you love.

heart treasure
Remember wherever your heart is you will find treasure..Paul Coelho
You have all you need inside you. These inner resources are always available. You just have to be willing to believe they exist and know how to find them.

So, how do you find them? Well it’s a lot easier than you think. You don’t have to do hours of analysis with a psychologist or counselling with a counsellor, not any more. Today energy healing modalities such as Kinesiology can be used to identify and clear subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from creating the changes your conscious mind wants to make.
If this all sounds a bit crazy and confusing you can read an article about using kinesiology to clear self sabotaging Core Beliefs in the current issue of my newsletter Inner Answers. Its called The power of energy therapies to change your life. The next issue will have an article which explains in more detail how Kinesiology is used in the new amazing NOWhealing modality that i have recently started to use to help clients clear blocks and blind spots in their lives even more quickly and easily .
If any of this resonates with you I am offering free 30 min”Mining Your Diamond” strategy sessions to answer your questions and demonstrate how kinesiology can help your find and clear beliefs that are blocking you from taking the affirmative action you need to move yourself forward to where you want to go.
To book a free session email me at and let me know what days and times you are available. I can then email back and confirm a time that works for both of us . I’d love to hear your feedback on how you found this post and any suggestions on how it could be improved . Feel free to add a comment. (Thanks – in advance !)