About me

I’m Mary Choo, and I live in Perth, western Australia. I am an Occupational Therapist and Registered nurse who after 15 years in hospital practice went into private practice in 1991. Since then I have studied a number of energy therapies that I now use in my practice.

My favorite is Kinesiology which I use to talk to the body’s cellular memory and intuitive intelligence. I do this to help my clients connect with and energetically change deep-seated negative beliefs that are sabotaging their personal relationships and blocking their success.

Well that’s what I do in a nutshell – but if you have time or the interest to hear the longer version of this story keep reading.

A different approach to wellbeing

As I went through my training and started to work in the hospital system I became more and more aware of how we consistently overlook our inner resources.

I found myself working in a medical environment where the majority of treatments focused on suppressing and eliminating the symptoms of disease, even going so far as replacing hormones or body parts that were failing or breaking down. Disease was seen as a “problem” that “happens” to us. It needs to be “fixed“ so that it will “go away” and we can continue on with our lives the same way as before.

This approach to disease prevents any real change or transformation occurring at a fundamental level. By “fixing” up the problem we do not have time to understand the message, or the “inner answer”, that it holds for us.

Don’t misunderstand me. I recognize and respect the amazing advances and developments that modern medicine has made. These advances are the result of much hard work and dedication on the part of doctors and medical research scientists.

However, their use has tended to overshadow and overlook the body’s inner healing resources. These resources draw on our body’s intuitive wisdom and heart-centred guidance. This is an approach that brings us back to our centre, reminds us of the inner strength and power inside us and counteracts the feelings of fear and helplessness that dependence solely on external solutions and medications creates.

Healing our hearts and reconnecting to our creative source

I love to see the new confidence and love for life that my clients develop as they discover that Kinesiology enables them to communicate with parts of themselves they had been out of touch with for years. This brings them a message of hope and self-empowerment as they experience the power that they have within themselves to create change in their lives.

I have written a self-help book Reclaiming Ourselves which is an expression of my belief that we all have the inner potential to heal ourselves and that disease occurs when we become disconnected and cut off from different parts of ourselves.

Over the last few years I have become fascinated by the ideas of quantum physics. In  particular the understanding that we are all in essence a fluid energy field and when people are open to this  possibility it is amazing how quickly their bodies can change and release limiting beliefs that have been holding them back. Over the last year or two I have been applying these ideas in the work I do with some very interesting results.

My website is called Inner Answers, and its focus is to support people in discovering and working with their body’s own inner resources to create healing and  health.

The society we live in drastically overlooks our hearts and the feelings of compassion, love and kindness that they naturally generate. It is an oversight that we desperately need to change. I believe it is now beginning to change all over the world one heart at a time. I hope this website Inner Answers can become one small piece in the puzzle that is showing us how to do that.

My book

Reclaiming Ourselves is a self-help book about healing with energy, in particular energy therapies that can awaken and support your body’s self-healing ability. Visit my book page on Amazon for more details or to purchase a copy.