Ever feel like you’re on a treadmill and you can’t get off?

Do you wish you could have time for yourself but don’t know how to get it?

Do you feel over whelmed and stressed  and you just want your mind to give you a break?

Inside you long for a chance to have a space where there is nothing else you have to organize or micro manage for others .

A space to take a breath, slow down, check in with what you would love to do for yourself . Yes …that’s right I said a space for you to create something for You, no-one else. A chance to enjoy the good things when they happen in your life and that includes the creative ideas that come to you briefly while you are tackling the other 101 things you have to do today. Sometimes we get so busy we don’t even get time to do that. But doing that is really important . If you can hold onto them long enough for your brain to encode and store them in your memory that new programming can begin to change your body chemistry, your mood and what you believe possible in your life . So the challenge is how to make time to remember them once you realize the difference this inner shift in you can make .

For myself most of the time I write my creative ideas down quickly in a notebook but fail to go back to reread them and begin to make them happen in my life. It frustrates the hell out of me. They feel so alive when they come into my head I just could not understand how I could forget them so completely.

Until recently that is, until when I read Rick Hanson’s new book Hardwiring Happiness. (see this month’s book review in my newsletter)

In it he describes how our brains are hardwired to spend more time focusing on remembering negative dangerous experiences (like how to avoid being caught and eaten by predators in our caveman days ) than focusing on remembering positive experiences that bring us feelings of happiness and wellbeing . In fact current research shows it takes the brain less than a second to encode and remember negative experiences but up to 15 seconds ! to remember and encode positive experiences of wellbeing and happiness! Rick has developed a process of dealing with this and programming your mind to stay focused on the happy feelings you have when good things happen to give them time to encode in your memory . He calls this “Taking In the Good” and describes how to do it in his book Hardwiring Happiness.

All this was a real eye opener for me and I realized if I wanted to remember my early morning creative inspirations I needed to give my brain time to encode them. And that meant going back over them re reading and reviewing them and taking action to create them and visualize what it would feel like when they did become real in my life.

This month my newsletter is about just that and i also share with you an exciting new book by Rick Hanson that helps you do just that. Its called Hardwiring Happiness and my newsletter has links to where you can buy it as an ebook or paperback.

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